Professional Hemp Balm

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Professional Hemp Balm


This product is like magic, pain stops in the first 30 seconds.

Great hemp salve which is made for phenomenal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Is made of 100% natural ingredients to help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, help to mobilise stiff joints and hydrate dry skin.

Professional Hemp Balm can also help to reduce anxiety and stress. You just Massage into your aching joints and muscles better to put on pre and post exercise. It can help relieve stress by applying to aching feet and neck or before bed.

Its a mild formula for all skin types. Its fast-acting, its a fast-absorbing balm with helps relieve joint, muscle, back, knee and elbow pain, relieves stiffness or inflammation, and relieves fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel pain and pain in damaged nerves.


You don’t need to use very much and it’s a good design as it will fit in your pocket and bad so you can take it with you when you’re on the go can you start to get achy or pains you can just apply it.


  • Net capacity: 10 ml


  • 1 x Professional Hemp Balm
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