Telescopic Stainless Steel Garden Leaves Sweeping Rake


Telescopic Stainless Steel Garden Leaves Sweeping Rake


Telescopic Stainless Steel Garden Leaves Sweeping Rake

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Main Features:


The width of the rake teeth can be adjusted among 11cm-30cm and locked any position in between. With a retractable handle design, the total length of the rake can be adjusted among 56cm-76cm. The length of the handle and the width of the rake can be adjusted according to needs, this rake can be put to work in smaller areas, like under hedges, or in between flower beds without damaging your plants,  effectively collecting the leaves without bending over and over again.


The adjustable rake folds to a tight profile, so there’s no need to struggle to try to fit it into a small storage space.  When you need to use a rake for outdoor camping activities, the retractable rake can be shortened to the shortest length, which is convenient to carry around and can be placed in your car trunk or bicycle rack.


The handle of the rake is made of durable high-quality aluminum, and the 9-teeth rake is made of metal, which has a good rust prevention effect. It is also very light in use. The garden rake is sturdy and durable, and the retractable structure makes it strong, so it will not loosen and fall.


The rake has 9 teeth, which can remove debris without damaging the roots of plants, and is easy to enter under bushes, between flowers, or in vegetable gardens. It is very suitable for cleaning leaves and weeds in gardens and lawns. You can also use it to pick up pine cones.

Usage Scenarios:

  • This tool will allow you to quickly clean leaves, grass clippings, and small debris off your lawn. It’s the versatility of this rake that makes it such a find.


  • Rake: Spring Steel Wire
  • Handle: Aluminium Alloy
Package Contents
  • Telescopic Garden Leaf Rake × 1






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