Rainbow Twirler LED Magic Party Stick

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Rainbow Twirler LED Magic Party Stick

The dream of a little boy to build a rainbow that wouldn’t disappear was realized years later in the form of this magic Rainbow Stick.

The thin rainbow-colored band floating in this transparent stick expands widely, like a soap bubble, when you twist it with your fingertips. These everlasting bubbles won’t break even if you touch them. They reflect back the light and put smiles on the faces of children and adults.


  • Unbreakable bubbles, magic wands of light, and phantoms! The shiny magic rotating stick is simple and fun. It looks very cool.

  • Principle: The magic rotating rod refracts sunlight through a number of special laser-coated plastic strips, and the visual persistence produced by the rapid rotation, forming a magical toy like a bubble.

  • Teaching aids: The bubble wand full of magical magic can be played safely by both big and small friends. It is a very good toy, teaching aid, and decoration whether indoors or outdoors.

  • Size: 15 inches Suitable for three years old and above, 3 years old and above need to be accompanied by their parents to play.

  • Gift: Rotate the magic wand, and a variety of bubbles will come out. The perfect party gift for birthdays, holidays, and Christmas. Entertainment for adults and children.


  • Material: Laser yarn spinning
  • Size: 15 inch/38cm (Length)
  • Style: Random

Package Include:

  • 3 Pcs x Rainbow Twirler LED Magic Party Stick
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Rainbow Twirler LED Magic Party Stick
Rainbow Twirler LED Magic Party Stick