Reflexology Detox Foot Pads

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Reflexology Detox Foot Pads
Health starts from the soles up… And these Reflexology Detox Foot Pads are your best bet.

Cost-efficient, painless, and 100% natural… It’s a health care secret recommended by doctors!

Detoxify and strengthen your immune system!

Powerful & All-Natural Detoxification Properties

Sucks toxins and impurities through your feet…
  • Lemon (Vitamin C) — helps in cell repair; delays the signs of aging
  • Lavender Essence — the king of herbal medicine; refreshes and relieves nervous tension; helps fight insomnia
  • Radix — improves oxygen and blood circulation
  • Bamboo Vinegar — aids in disinfection and sterilization; soften cuticles

✔ removes toxins and body odors
✔ strengthens immune system
✔ reduces pains, tiredness, insomnia
✔ boosts energy
✔ aids in weight loss

Fast-Acting Detox Solution

Cleanses and energizes the body in just 7 days!

100% Proven Safe & Natural

ZERO Chemicals — No side effects!!!

Easy Stick-on Application

Detox thoroughly from your foot nodes…

Just put on these footpads at the middle of each sole and then go to sleep.

100% natural reflexology detox as you sleep…

Let the result speak for itself! These Reflexology Detox Foot Pads have been tested and proven by thousands worldwide. Relax and enjoy a better sleep quality. Stay healthy NOW!!!

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