Fixed Angle Grinder Stand

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Turn any universal angle grinder into a powerful cutting machine!

Angle grinder is an invaluable tool in the home workshop or around the house especially for DIY enthusiasts.  When it comes to cutting, it can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Choosing the right tool to keep you safe helps a lot.

The Fixed Angle Grinder Stand should help make cutting tasks a lot easier and definitely safer!

ANGLE GRINDER CONVERSION TOOL – This fixed angle grinder stand works for 100 to 125 mm angle grinders. It has adaptor for 4 to 4.5 inches angle grinder and converts it into a cutting powerhouse.

POWERFULLY CONTROLLED CUTS – Holds the angle grinder securely for better control of cutting wheel. It has multi-angled adjustable cutting and has secure clamp and handle.

HEAVY DUTY CAST IRON BASE PLATE – The stand is pretty solid and is heavy enough to stay firmly on flat surface. It also screws or bolts to a workbench or stand.

INTEGRATED PROTECTION – Equipped with protective cover for sparks protection allowing safe and reliable cutting.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made of high quality material, proven strong, durable and can last for ages.

Get yourself this Fixed Angle Grinder Stand NOW! This is the perfect tool for DIY enthusiasts!

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Fixed Angle Grinder Stand