ResinDIY Cloisonné Resin Kit


ResinDIY™ Cloisonné Resin Kit
ResinDIY Cloisonné Resin Kit

ResinDIY Cloisonné Resin Kit

ResinDIY™ Cloisonné Resin Kit

Create Intricate Cloisonné Resin Art With ResinDIY Cloisonné Resin Kit!

DIY Cloisonné Resin Kit

You’ll get Resin and a gold wire copper to make intricate art. The gold wire copper is easy to manipulate and bendable in ANY form for you to create a wonderful masterpiece! You’ll get all you need for Cloisonné Resin in this kit!

Simple & Fun Cloisonné Resin Crafting

  1. Simply bend copper according to your designs
  2. Apply with colors, glitter, sequins, rhinestones and other decorations
  3. Fill the gaps with resin & you’re done!

Create tons Of Unique Masterpieces

Make precisely detailed Koi, Goldfish, Carp, Dragons, Birds, Lovely Flowers, and many more! Spend time with your friends and family making wonderful work of enamel to display around your home or on your belongings. Unleash Your Creativity To Create Cloisonné Resin Even With No Skill!


Try Your Hands-On Cloisonné Resin Art NOW! Create and discover something from the amazing world of Ancient arts with this ResinDIY Cloisonné Resin Kit!

Get Yours NOW!!!


Gold Wire Size: 0.3 x 1 mm

Resin Net Content: 100g

Package Inclusion/s:

1 Gold Wire or

1 Set ResinDIY Cloisonné Resin Kit (1pc Gold Wire & 1btl Resin)

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