ScratchOFF Lens Restorer


ScratchOFF Lens Restorer

ScratchOFF Lens Restorer

Remove Scratch From Your Camera Lens!

Restore Lens Clarity 

Quickly and easily restores clarity to oxidized and scratch camera lens! Allowing you to take an easy and clear picture!

Year-Long Protection

ScratchOFF LensRestorer comes with an evolutionary coating that protects against scratching and re-oxidation for up to 12 months!

Easy To Use 

Simply apply the included cleaning solution, then the headlight coating – no drill required. Makes removing oxidation, cloudiness, and scratching fast and easy while providing brilliant, lasting clarity!

No more scratches on your camera lens with ScratchOFF LensRestorer! Get yours now!


Volume:  50ml, & 100ml

Weight:  60g, & 123g

Size:  3×9.34cm, & 4×11.4cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1PC ScratchOFF Lens Restorer

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