ScrubOff Silicone Bath Body Brush


ScrubOff Silicone Bath Body Brush

Cleans Pores And Remove Dirt Instantly Even Hard-To-Reach Area 🛀

Those hard-to-reach parts can be really dirty sometimes! Although it gets wet while you’re standing in the shower, it needs more attention than you’re likely giving it.

To get a flawless back you need ScrubOff Silicone Bath Body Brush. ScrubOff helps to scrub the back properly to get rid of dirt and sweat that might lead to backne. Do this daily and you don’t have to think twice to wear backless outfits this season.

“Use it at least two to three times a week to reduce the risk of developing skin and soft-tissue infections,” Dr. Glatter suggests


🛀Improves Skin Texture

Great for people suffering from eczema or bacne, it’s super easy to use, with two handles and a massage surface that just rub against the back. It can be used on feet or any other hard-to-reach place, too. Our ScrubOff scrubber is designed to give you the ultimate body spa experience in the comforts of your own home.

Fine Bristles increased to 1500+ can quickly produce rich foam, and can help gently exfoliate and deep clean, skin cleanliness reaches 99.9%. Massage Beads Side Increased to 300+ points, massage your back, the maximum relief fatigue, and effectively improve blood circulation.

🛀Gentle And Clean

The unique design helps to clean pores, remove dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin. It has a massage surface that scrubs your back and also massages it at the same time. Deep clean, effective exfoliation.

🛀Silicone Back Scrubber

The double-sided lines with bump design can effectively bring you a cleaning effect. The flexible back scrubber is pretty easy to reach every spot of your back, improve blood circulation, help evenly distribute fat deposits, remove dead skin.

🛀Comfortable Handle

Handle design, good toughness, strong tensile strength, can be suspended, convenient storage. It can be used for hands, feet, and any body parts. Aids in healthy circulation with frequent use.

🛀100% Food-grade Silicone

Made of food-grade silicone, healthy and environmentally friendly, free of BPA, and no harmful substances. High-temperature resistance, safe and durable. Suitable for all. Use on external parts of body – arms, legs, chest, back, feet. Follow up with a rich lotion or cream to have an extra healthy and hydrated surface.

🛀Durable & Easy To Clean

Machine washable and durable. The brush head extending 1cm can penetrate the pores, clean dirt, and make it fresh. Our shower brush can still meet your exfoliating needs.


Color: Green, Blue, Purple Pink

Materials: Silicone

Package Include: ScrubOff Silicone Bath Body Brush x 1