SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel


SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel
SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel

Say goodbye to yellow teeth in a snap! Smile and speak confidently with SnapBright Teeth Whitening Gel!

After tons of research, we found the most perfect color of deep violet purple, which neutralizes yellow colors. The combined water-soluble dyes neutralize any shade of yellow, ultimately achieving the brightest smile without leaving any residue. 

Take it from our happy customers!

“I’ve had some stains due to drinking tea and coffee and they used to be super bad that I barely talk and smile in public. This Teeth Whitening Gel made a difference the first day, doesn’t hurt your gums! I’m in my 2nd week and I now have a clean and bright set of teeth! Also, does NOT increase my teeth sensitivity like most whitening toothpaste. This boosts my confidence when talking to people!

– Melissa Hudson, 29, Fullerton, California

My teeth were dingy and stained because of smoking and coffee and using this a couple of times a week. Now they are sparkling white! This does definitely brighten your smile, a very good polish for your teeth too. A pea-sized amount can make a real difference after the first use, and will give more the longer you use it! I have sensitive teeth and this doesn’t bother them. I’m very impressed!

– Sally Stephens, 46, Savannah, Georgia

A new way to brighten your smile, using color-correcting technology.

SnapBright is the first and leading oral care brand to leverage color correction to naturally whiten and brighten teeth. It is powered by purple oral care formulas that are clinically proven to cancel out the visibility of yellow dental stains. Whitens naturally with regular use. Its color-correcting technology makes teeth whiter, brighter, and shinier. It also helps protect tooth enamel against the effects of acid erosion. It effectively strengthens teeth and fights cavities providing you a fresher breath.

How does SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel work?

It utilizes color-correcting technology to improve the appearance of tooth color. The formulation consists of a meticulous balance between two water-soluble dyes to form a deep violet tone.

Consists of three Powerful Key Ingredients that effectively whiten and improve the overall health of your Teeth:

SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel

Sorbitol. Helps protects against tooth decay. It is non-cariogenic, meaning it is not metabolized by oral bacteria which break down sugars and starches to release acids that may lead to cavities or the erosion of tooth enamel.

Xylitol. It is a natural sugar alcohol that helps prevents cavities. Over time with xylitol use, the quality of the bacteria in the mouth changes, and fewer and fewer decay-causing bacteria survive on tooth surfaces. Fewer plaque forms and the level of acids attacking the tooth surface is lowered.

Glycerin. It helps reduce bacterial activity by reducing the available water activity and therefore has a protective action against tooth decay. Glycerin does not damage gums or tooth enamel.

What makes it the Ultimate solution to healthier whiter Teeth:

  • Provides Instant Dazzling White Teeth
  • Brings out maximum whiteness
  • 5X more effective in removing plaque and dirt
  • Eliminates tooth discoloration
  • Gives you Fresh Breath
  • Dentist Recommended
  • Reduces Plaque & Tartar
  • Helps replenish lost minerals and reduce sensitivity.
  • Fluoride-Free toothpaste

More of our happy Customers:

“I’m in that small group of people that can’t have white teeth due to natural coloring. Using this for almost a week made them whiter and definitely brighter! The taste is so refreshing and it really works! It also didn’t bother my sensitive teeth!

SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel

– Blaire Benson, 36, Dayton, Ohio

“I’m a smoker and drink a lot of Coca-Cola so have very yellow teeth. With consistent use, I could see it working wonders. I’ve been using it about every other day and have already seen a dramatic change. The taste is pleasant and the product is literally like magic. I had to buy my wife some too and she said the same thing!”

– Chris Davis, 49, Darien, Illinois


Use SnapBright Teeth Whitening Gel in place of your ordinary toothpaste. Brush your teeth thoroughly using SnapBright (twice daily, every day), or simply apply a generous amount to your finger and begin swiping your teeth. Then wipe away most but not all of the product with your wet finger as you will want to have some of the purple hues remain on your teeth for the whitening impact.

SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel


  • Net Content: 30mL
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Hydrated Silica, Xylitol, Cellulose Gum, Peppermint Oil, Sorbitol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Stevia, Carrageenan, Titanium Dioxide, Baking Soda, Menthol, Coconut Oil, Red33, Blue1.
  • Package Includes: 1x SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel

SnapBright Purple Teeth Whitening Gel

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