South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops


South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops
South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops

CURE All Ringing and voice in ears

Tinnitus, while not a sign of serious conditions, can cause sensitivity to everyday sounds (hyperacusis) and disrupt sleep. But worry no more about that constant ringing with Ringing Relieving Ear Drops!

The South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops are medically tested, FDA certified, and effectively reduce the ringing, providing much-needed relief.

South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops

Safe and natural ingredients

The Japanese Honeysuckle

With valuable medicinal properties found in its flowers, seeds, and leaves. It is renowned for its ability to combat bacterial and viral infections, acting as a natural antibiotic. Moreover, it can effectively clean the ears, dissolve earwax, improve hearing ability, and alleviate symptoms.

South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops

Arnica Montana 15X

Known for its anti-inflammatory and muscle pain-relieving properties. By reducing inflammation, it can potentially contribute to the improvement of hearing.


Coptis Chinensis

A renowned traditional herbal medicine, is used for detoxification. Its bioactive components target blood vessel conditions in the ear, thereby reducing tinnitus. This powerful homeopathic ingredient is safe for individuals of all ages and offers effective pain relief.

Clinically Proven Solution to Ringing Ears!

South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops

Dr. Eric H. Knapp MD Otolaryngology (ENT) General Otolaryngology/ENT

“The South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops are the result of three years of extensive research and testing, aimed at providing a safe and effective solution for tinnitus sufferers. We take pride in the fact that our product has undergone clinical trials, medical testing, and has obtained FDA certification for its efficacy and safety.

Our research has revealed that the natural ingredients in South Moon, including Japanese Honeysuckle, Arnica Montana 15X, and Coptis Chinensis, synergistically work together to reduce inflammation, cleanse the ears, and enhance hearing ability. These ingredients have a rich history in herbal medicine, proven effective in combating bacterial and viral infections, as well as alleviating inflammation.

With a quick-dry formula for long-lasting relief, our South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops offer a superior choice compared to other remedies. Our dedication to ongoing research and development ensures that our customers receive top-quality products that are both safe and effective in providing relief from tinnitus.”

Jesse’s Tinnitus Treatment Experience


Jesse, an office worker constantly exposed to phone calls and office noises in a bustling metropolitan area, suffered from frequent bouts of tinnitus. Seeking relief from the persistent ringing, she turned to the South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops as her go-to solution.


Frustrated by the disruptive ringing in her ears, Jesse found herself struggling to stay productive. Taking frequent breaks to endure the ringing, she longed for a solution. Thankfully, with the South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops in hand, she applied 1-2 drops to her ear, providing the much-needed relief to help her get back to work.


In a remarkable turnaround, within a single day of using the South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops, Jesse experienced a cessation of the ringing in her ear. Not only did her hearing improve significantly, but she also found herself able to enjoy music and videos without having to turn up the volume excessively. Furthermore, the discomfort in her ear vanished, and any signs of inflammation completely disappeared. It was a transformative experience for Jesse, thanks to the effective and relieving properties of the South Moon Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops.


  • Tinnitus Relief – Eliminate the ringing in your ears with the RingCiao™ Tinnitus Relief Ear Drops. This product helps your hearing improve and decreases the frequency of tinnitus.
  • Inflammation Relief – Reduce ear inflammation caused by repeated water exposure. The product also treats other inflammation from bacteria, viruses, and allergies.
  • Quick-Dry Formula – Bboast a quick dry formula that doesn’t leak deeply into the ear, thus protecting your eardrums and protecting your ability to hear.
  • Long-Lasting Relief – Provide long-lasting relief, thus improving productivity and not requiring a repeated application.
  • Safe for Children and Adults – Safe for all ages.
  • One Small Drop, Long Lasting Relief –  You don’t have to put multiple drops into your ear with the Ringing Relieving Ear Drops; just small drops would provide long-lasting relief.

South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops

How To Use

  • Wash and dry your ear thoroughly before application.
  • Only use the product if your eardrums are intact and free from any trauma.
  • Apply 1-2 small droplets of the ear drops to the front of your ear (Tinghui Point) and the bottom part of your ear (Yifeng Point).
  • Use the product as needed, based on your symptoms.

South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops


  • Net Weight: 20ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years

Package Includes: 1 x South Moon Tinnitus Relieving Ear Drops

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