Space Ball


Space Ball
Space Ball

Space Ball

Introducing the Galaxy Bounce Ball – The Highest Bouncing Ball that Comes Back to Your Hand!

Get ready for non-stop fun and excitement with the Galaxy Bounce Ball – a game-changer in bouncing toys!


The Moon Ball bounces out of this world! Zero Gravity Foam is engineered to make the Moon Ball the bounciest material on the planet. Featuring 30 specialized craters, the Moon Ball makes a POP! sound on every bounce.


The only ball with a unique pop sound every time you bounce it! Satisfying to hold and throw, the Moon Ball is a fun sensory ball for all ages. Experience a new level of play with our bouncy ball that makes a suction cup sound whenever it hits a hard surface. Stimulating and eye-catching, the Moon Ball “POP” sound energizes auditory senses while the high-flying bounce and crazy spin from the craters promote sharper visual and tactile skills.



Engineered by Waboba to bounce higher than the average rubber ball, the Moon Ball’s innovative design launches it to never before seen heights. The easy-to-grip craters let the Moon Ball bounce in wacky ways that make playtime more fun and exciting. Also perfect for training, the high and dynamic bounce improves quickness and reaction skills. Lightweight and durable, the Moon Ball can be used on any surface.


Bounce the Moon Ball indoors or outdoors. Its super high bounce makes it fun for all sorts of activities. Fun for trick shots (even used by Dude Perfect), work breaks, office desk toys, gym activities, and more. Used by athletes and coaches for baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, football, and soccer. The Moon Ball is great for hand/eye coordination and reaction training. The out of this world bounce makes trick shots and playtime extraordinary!


Everyone loves the Moon Ball! It’s engaging and entertaining for all ages from toddlers, to kids, and to adults. It’s even loved by dogs Perfect for party favors & gifts, give friends and loved ones the Moon! Perfect for stocking stuffers, birthday parties, group gatherings, and more.

Weight: 50g


1* Super Bouncy Space Ball Toy

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