StickyPads Anti Slip Sticker

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The Multi-function Anti Slip Magic Sticker can tackle many sliding problems at home, such as holding your sofa cover, bed sheet and floor mat in place. It is easy to use, just tear off the protection layer and stick it wherever you want!
The sticker has strong adhesion with tearing test guarantee. It leaves no marks and trace after use which protects your furnitures from damages or scratches. It is an eco-friendly product that it is reusable.
  • Easy To Use: The sticker is easy to use, just simply tear and stick in few seconds.

  • Strong Adhesion: The back tape provides strong adhesion that holds your stuff and prevent them from sliding.

  • Protect Furniture Surfaces: It leaves no marks or trace on surface which protects your furniture from any damages and keep them brand new.

  • Waterproof & Reusable: It is eco-friendly and reusable. Just rinse it and dry before use.

  • Wide Application: The sticker is multi-functional that it can be applied to any fabric surfaces like sofa cover, floor mat, cotton bed sheet or table mat etc.

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StickyPads Anti Slip Sticker
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