Waterproof Socket Protective Cover

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  • FLIP CAP:  It effectively protects your switch or socket from water. These wall switch covers are great for you to protect your wall sockets. It also can be used in kitchen for preventing fume stain the switch or socket. They are 90 degree flip-able, letting you open up or close it down easily.

  • WATERPROOF: Waterproof design, perfect for using in bathroom and kitchen. The cover protects the socket for incoming water splash or even steam that can cause fire or explosion with the socket.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: It is best to use it at places near water used room. Use it in your kitchen, comfort room or even in the garage when you do car wash. This is very helpful to avoid damaged sockets.
  • BIG WIRE HOLE: The cover has an efficient hole for thick wires in case you are putting a socket with big and thick wires. It is also possible to put a socket with multiple wires and would still fit.
  • ADHESIVE: The Waterproof Socket Protective Cover has an effective adhesive that sticks to different types of walls.


  1. Strip the Adhesive tape
  2. Attach the protective socket cover

  • STICKS ON DIFFERENT WALLS: The Waterproof Socket Protective Cover sticks to different walls. Wallpaper, Wall paint, Ceramic and wood.

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Waterproof Socket Protective Cover
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