Super Clean Car Refurbishment Repair Cream


Super Clean Car Refurbishment Repair Cream

Super Clean Car Refurbishment Repair Cream

2021 hot products will be cleaned with one wipe!

Fast recovery

It can penetrate into material pores, increase surface gloss, delay aging, and easily wipe off contaminants without damaging the surface. Fast renovation in one second, nano-level repair, suitable for plastic, rubber, leather, polished and bright, let your car bid farewell to whitening/fading/aging.

Fast, effective and easy to use

Gently rub it, instantly black and shiny, not greasy, can penetrate into the material pores, instantly brighten, delay aging, easily wipe off contaminants, without damaging the surface, the interior and exterior are refurbished and the luster is exquisite, and the luster is restored.

Does not change color after washing

A protective layer is formed on the surface of the plastic, which will not fade after repeated washing. The high concentration and low dosage are three times more concentrated. Only one drop is needed for multiple parts and the dosage is extremely low.

Long-term maintenance, versatile

It can be used for a long time after cleaning once, saving a lot of maintenance cost. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for any leather products, such as coats, sofas, etc.

Safe and harmless

Made of environmentally friendly materials, oil-free formula, harmless and odorless, and will not damage your car or other leather products.