Teeth Guardian


Teeth Guardian


Teeth Guardian

No more Grind At Night!

Try our TeethGuardian for a better sleep night and healthy teeth! Unique small and light design, fit on all sizes teeth.

When you wearing it while sleeping, it helps stop snoring since the guardian open the airway in your throat.

Comfy & Flexible Experience!

Improve Sleep Quality

Soft materials provide maximum protection no matter on upper or lower teeth, effectively stop your teeth grinding while you are sleeping!

Teeth Guardian improves tooth sensitivity, headaches, jaw pain and the problem causes by teeth grinding.

Teeth Guardian can correct teeth alignment. Most wearers start seeing a difference 2–3 months after beginning treatment.

Unique mini size will not cause your gum feeling painful or making any burden.\


Color: Transparent
Material: Anti-Slip Soft Silicone

Package Included:

Set of 2 Pcs x Teeth Guardian

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