Triple Blockade Pop Up Sink Stopper


Triple Blockade Pop Up Sink Stopper
Triple Blockade Pop Up Sink Stopper


The sewer is blocked again? Nausea and smelly?

This triple blockade pop up sink stopper can perfectly solve the problems of stinking and clogging!

✔ Triple blockade: Prevent odor, insects and blockage

✔ Easy to split: Detachable anti-clogging basket

✔ Spring closed device: 500,000 bounces without jamming

✔ Plug and play: No need to replace the whole set of drain


TRIPLE BLOCKADE: The upgraded drain stopper not only has an anti-clogging basket filter, but also an anti-insect and odor-proof device. It can prevent clogging, collect jewelry, rings, dirt and other items, and can also prevent insects and odors and prevent water return.

SPRING CLOSED DEVICE: Pop-up design overturns the traditional, inconvenient drain (e.g. basic plug with chain)! Just press the top cap down gently to switch 2 modes – stopper (to keep water) and strainer (to drain off water).

EASY TO USE: Easy to split, detachable anti-clogging basket. No need to use any tools to install it, just take out the old one and insert the strainer core to complete install.

PLUG AND PLAY: No need to replace the whole set of drain, it fits all standard American bathroom sink that can be used for 99% of sink drain holes. Not matter basin, bathroom sink drains or shower bathtub drains, it can work with all.


Material: Stainless Steel, Copper, PC

Type: Bounce

Package Includes: A pop-up sink plug