Two-way Foldable Microwave Sieve

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Two-way Foldable Microwave Sieve


Keeps your microwave clean and free from splatters!

✅ FLEXIBLE PROTECTION: Microwave Sieve lid is fully collapsible for maximum flexibility so that you can use them to cover steep bowls or flat plates perfectly.

✅ KEEPS YOUR MICROWAVE SPOTLESS: Don’t let food splatter in your microwave! Our easy-to-clean lid protects your microwave from the unwanted mess.

✅ STEAM VENTS TO PREVENT SOGGINESS: Our lid allows your food to breathe with their built-in steam vents to keep your food fresh and reduce sogginess.

 DOUBLE AS A STRAINER:This microwave plate cover can double as a strainer for draining excess liquid from fruit, vegetables.

CONVENIENCE&KEEP FOOD FRESH: Perforations allow steam to escape while the food cooks. Also functions as a handy colander for fruit or vegetable prevents messy microwave splatters.

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL USAGE:  Keep your microwave clean with a collapsible silicone microwave cover. by using our lid, it can also be used as a cooking food cover and also a strainer. A kitchen must-have!

✅ EASY STORAGE: With the ability to transform and collapse into a disc, it can easily be stored in any cabinet, cupboard, or drawer for easy storage.

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