Universal Folding Phone Stand


Universal Folding Phone Stand
Universal Folding Phone Stand
Give your hand a break while still keeping your device in view with this Universal Folding Phone Stand!
Universal Folding Phone Stand
A must-have phone holder that easily props your mobile in place perfectly hands-free into any flat surface without harming. It offers a convenient height and angular adjustability which enables you to freely position your device to your desired optimum viewing. Suitable when you’re having long meetings, recording, filming, live streamings, taking solo photoshoots, binge watching and so on. The phone stand can be fully folded into 1 compact size which you can neatly stash to your bags, car or drawers for better portability. Ideal for when you’re out traveling, camping, picnics, business trips, hotels, office, apartments, and such.

This folding phone holder comes with a non-slip, flat padded base that can support your device without slipping or wobbling. It also offers superior stability so you can swiftly adjust angles and heights according to your demands without your mobile falling off. No worries as this multi-angle phone stand allows all access for controls and ports. It lets you adjust or charge anytime while keeping your device securely propped up to tackle all your tasks with not a single issue. Built with premium materials that can withstand heavy devices and mobiles of different models and brands. Great for holding iPhones, Androids, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo Switch, Kindle, tablets, and so much more.

Tired of holding your mobile the entire time? Try this Universal Folding Phone Stand!


  • Multi-Angle Viewing
    A trusty telescopic phone holder that enables you to successfully prop your device up completely hands-free on any flat surface. It features a wide range of adjustable options to give you a convenient and optimum viewing experience. You can easily adjust its height up to 16 cm and its angle to 120° anytime depending on your different needs and comfort. Moreover, it also supports both portrait and landscape position so you can view and operate your phones to your demands. Saving you from the inconvenience of holding your phone as you watch videos, movies, doing zoom calls or meetings, recording, filming, live streaming and so on.
  • Excellent Stability
    The folding phone holder offers an impressive non-slip padded base which lets it stand onto any surface with improved security. Allowing it to stay firmly in place to prevent constant sliding, wobbling or even for creating scratches on the surface that it stands on. Additionally, this phone mount supplies 2 sturdy hook-like designs and an inclined body where your mobile’s can lean on. It effectively provides your device a secured stability so it won’t fall off even if you adjust it to your desired angle and needs.

Universal Folding Phone Stand

  • One-Piece Folding
    This handy phone stand can be fully folded into a 1 compact size to give you maximum portability. You can neatly stash it onto your backpacks, pouches, totes, handbags, car, drawers and such without taking up too much space. Suitable when you’re out traveling, business trips, hotels, office, apartments, and more possibilities.

Universal Folding Phone Stand

  • Convenient Charging
    The multi-angle phone stand allows all access for controls and ports while keeping your mobile on your desk in optimal position. It enables you to freely adjust volumes or even power boost your device anytime when it gets drained unlike with other phone stands. No worries as this mobile holder offers a reinforced build quality so it won’t heat up or cause harm even as it holds your phone while charging.

Universal Folding Phone Stand

  • Universal Compatibility
    Made of high-quality durable materials that can perfectly withstand the weight of heavy devices and mobiles with bulky cases without snapping or damaging. It can accommodate a wide variety of phones and other devices of different models and brands. Great for holding iPhones, Androids, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo Switch, Kindle, tablets, and so much more.


  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Color: Black / White / Pink (With Mirror) / Green

Universal Folding Phone Stand


  • 1 x Universal Folding Phone Stand
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