V Neck Sheer Cooling Tank


V Neck Sheer Cooling Tank

Whether you’re working out or just hanging out, this V Neck Sheer Cooling Tank will keep you cool, dry, and moving comfortably even in the midst of scorching heat!

  • Silky-soft and comfortable. This Summer Tank Top is feather-light, subtle in its style, and incredibly comfortable. Made from luxurious silky-soft fabric, it’s the perfect shirt to keep you cool on even the hottest days. 
  • Versatile. Go from the bedroom to the beach almost effortlessly! This tank top’s style comes in handy whether you just want to stay at home all day or run errands outside or when you need a layer — even in the summer.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking. This shirt wicks away your sweat to help keep you dry throughout the day. The fabric is breathable and doesn’t wear like a heavyweight cotton t-shirt that would trap heat in.
  • Daily tank top for all seasons. If you’re looking for a daily tank-top that transcends across seasons, winter, spring-summer, or fall, this is perfect for you. A versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.
  • Easy to style. Style in a multitude of ways – as a fitted undershirt, an effortless loungewear option, for layering in winter, or with shorts and flip flops in the summer.


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