Easy Beard Catcher


Easy Beard Catcher
Easy Beard Catcher

Shaving your head and beard in the bathroom, what do they all have in common? You’ve guessed it, they’re all messy. Look, keeping the bathroom tidy post grooming isn’t just a male issue. It goes for all genders and their grooming habits. However, us guys need to get the tidiness factor down, or it can definitely be a point of contention in any relationship or cohabitation situation.

Easy Beard Catcher

Can you relate? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve got a solution to make the process a whole lot cleaner. The Easy Beard Catcher  acts like a deep and wide pouch that catches all your beard and moustache trimmings without making a mess on your shirt, sink and bathroom floor. 

Easy Beard Catcher

Simply wrap one side around your neck, attach the suction cups to the mirror and shave away! It will collect all the hairs, meaning you can easily empty them into the bin after. So what else are you waiting for, avoid meaningless disagreements and keep the bathroom always tidy with this Easy Beard Catcher!


  • No More Clog:
    Eliminate stray hairs down the sink, on the soap, in your toothbrush, and on the floor.
    Easy Beard Catcher
  • Packing Pouch:
    Easily stow away on the go when traveling.
  • Not Only For Men:
    Women can also benefit from the apron when cutting fringe by themselves.
  • Keep Your Sink Clean:
    The Easy Beard Catcher catches your beard, sideburns and hair trimmings for an easy disposal. No clogged drains or hair all over the counter and sink, no mess, save your time on cleaning, and work with any beard trimmer.
    Easy Beard Catcher
  • Easy To Use:
    Just attach the neck straps and secure to mirror, then start with your normal grooming process. Once complete, unhook the beard apron from the suction cups, cleans by simply brushing the surface into the bin.
    Easy Beard Catcher
  • One Size To Fit All:
    Very convenient and practical, suitable for all different age men, no zippers, buttons, laces, or other gizmos and gadgets to break and tangle.
  • High Quality Waterproof Material:
    Our beard catcher is made of high quality fabric with a smooth surface, soft and skin friendly, Non-Stick Hair, Anti-static, beard can be got rid of it easily. Comes with quality suction cups, would not leave marks on mirrors or tiles.