Wizzgoo’s Gesture Induction Remote Control Stunt Car

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Wizzgoo’s Gesture Induction Remote Control Stunt Car

Wizzgoo’s Gesture Induction Remote Control Stunt Car


(Fit for racing and rock climbing.)

Get the thrilling fun of playing with a remote-controlled toy that does your bidding no matter how extreme the stunt is. Now you can own a toy that can do the coolest stunts in a flick of a finger.

  • It can be controlled to do various stunts using simple hand gestures.
  • Two remote controls for rugged and racing modes.
  • Has a free programming mode where you can input stunts.
  • Has a bionic spine that can twist for a more awesome performance.
  • A very powerful motor and double-sided driving functions. No terrain is unconquerable.
  • High-quality ABS materials that can endure shock from any tricks you can think of in any terrain.

  • Unique wheel design for maximum grip on every surface.
  • Has a loud music accompaniment. It will add a solid punch to your stunts.
  • LED lights for illumination while blasting the music. This toy is meant for dazzling audiences.
  • Rechargeable and can also work on AAA batteries. If you don’t like charging you can just choose batteries and you will be set to go.
  • 360° degree rotation with two running mode capabilities. The first mode is rugged and the other is for racing.

  • It can do music drift, dance, and double-sided free driving on any location.
  • It can drive on any terrain let it be racing terrain, mountainous, grassy, or beach.
  • Portable design. You can bring this toy anywhere.
  • Makes your boring days fun.

Materials & Specifications

Dimensions : 39 * 23 * 9.5CM
Design: Dirt bike
Features: remote control
Charging Voltage: 3.7V
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Long Distance: 100M
Control channels : 12 channels & up
Installed condition: Ready to take away
Duration of Use: 40min
Rugged Mode Size: 32.5*23*14
Race Mode Size: 39*23*9.5
Certificate: CERIUM