Wizzgoo’s Kids Playtime Outdoor Swing

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Wizzgoo’s Kids Playtime Outdoor Swing

Wizzgoo’s Kids Playtime Outdoor Swing


(Best for outdoor and indoor playing.)

The Kids Outdoor Swing Seat Toy has proven to be one of the toughest outdoor swing seat toys out there. Its made of tough polyester fiber plastic that can stand a maximum bodyweight of up to 150kg and a rope made of high-quality PE materials makes it the safest and toughest swing seat in the playground.

  • Disc swing, climbing rope, metal ring, locking carabiner, and hanging strap on inclusions.
  • Textured seats for good grip so your kid will be safe and secure when using them.
  • Easy installation so you can still have more time to do your thing after installing them.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Kids will love playing with it.

  • Has four platforms where your kid can step on for climbing.
  • Safest for kid’s activities. This swing seat is designed to ease parent’s unease when it comes to their childs safety.
  • You will have peace of mind when your kids play with them. This swing seat is the safest out there. 
  • The rope is made of high-quality materials so it can efficiently withstand up to 150 kg weight. This rope can handle even two to three children.  
  • Your kids will have the most wonderful experience without compromising safety.

Materials & Specifications

Materials: Plastic + Polyester Fiber
Size: large sheave diameter: 30cm
Small sheave diameter: 10.5cm
Color: Red, Green
Rope Length: 200 cm(6.6ft)
Seat Size: 30.5 cm (12inch)
Seats Included: 4 Platform
Hanging Strap Length: 25 cm
Maximum Load Capacity: 150kg(220LB)

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