Wizzgoo’s Sound Control LED Light Shoe Box

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Wizzgoo’s Sound Control LED Light Shoe Box

Wizzgoo’s Sound Control LED Light Shoe Box


(Voice Controlled Shoebox)

Indulge yourself in having a shoebox that stylish flaunt your shoe collection for everyone to see at just a fraction of the cost. Now you can own the best shoebox that you can lighten with one word like magic. 

  • The Newest Led Voice-activated Smart Sneaker Box Launched In 2020.
  • Engineered with an intelligent voice-controlled LED light that lights up for everyone to see.
  • 3 Levels adjustment for maximum control.
  • Clamshell design for easy shoe storage.

  • The shoe box material can withstand weights up to 50kg.
  • The doors have a magnetic suction device that efficiently holds the shoes in.
  • Designed with three intelligent adjustments for full control of the device.
  • Made of high-quality PP+Acrylic material durable enough for free shoe stacking.

  • It is dustproof, waterproof, and oxidation-resistant. You can put it anywhere without fear of damage.
  • The perfect device for showcasing any latest shoe trends or in used for shoe shop display.

Materials & Specifications

Lattice Quantity: 1
Material: PP + Acrylic
Feature: Environmentally friendly and for folding
Type: Modern storage box and container
Load: 50kg
Capacity: 22L
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 35.5cm * 21.5cm * 27.5cm
Use: Shoes
Color: White & Black
Model: With LED light / Without LED light