BoatFix Canvas Repair Tape


BoatFix Canvas Repair Tape

BoatFix Canvas Repair Tape

Instantly Repair Boat Canvas With Ease!

Repair Rips In Canvas

BoatFix Canvas Repair Tape  is thick, durable, and creates a watertight seal making it a highly effective boat seat repair tape, boat awning repair tape, sail repair tape, camper awning repair tape. It works great to reinforce the seams of a canvas sail, and for boat tarp repair.

Waterproof & Weather Resistance

BoatFix Canvas Repair Tape  is waterproof tape that stands up to the heat and sun. This canvas tarp and boat repair tape create a water-tight patch that resists the elements and can be used to fix a variety of items that have torn or need reinforcement!

Durable & Flexible

BoatFix Canvas Repair Tape  is easy to use and repairs rip quickly. It’s great to have on-hand in an emergency kit on your boat so you will be ready to repair tears on the spot!

Easily Repair Your Boat Canvas Without Hassle!
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Material: Collodion

Colors: Black or Transparent

Size: 10cm & 20cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1PC Boat Fix Canvas Repair Tape