CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush

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CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush

Decorate 360° Gradient or Ombre Spray On Your Ceramics with Ceramic PRO 360° Glaze Airbrush!

Want to level up your usual pottery projects? Why not try on Ombre techniques by using a portable airbrush! Spice up your ceramics’ designs with this Ceramic PRO 360° Glaze Airbrush!

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Create Stunning Ceramic Designs! 

Stunning ceramics are only a spray away. You will only need this Ceramic PRO 360° Glaze Airbrush to achieve that gradient, ombre, or watercolor underglaze! You can also use it to add shadow for detailing or use it with stencils.

No Expensive Compressor or Uneven Manual Paintings

Whether you’re a beginner in pottery or a professional, this CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush will surely level up your techniques and let you achieve that one-of-a-kind design that anyone would surely love! No need to waste money just to achieve awesome pottery!

Convenient USB-Rechargeable

Never be constrained by cables again! CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush can be recharged using the included USB cable so you can work anywhere you are. A single charge lasts up to 50 minutes.

Perfect For Large Sculptures/Pottery Projects

  • CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush is ideal to use even on large sculptures or pottery projects!
  • You can use it on any pastry like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more!
  • Use it for your art and crafts projects, makeup, nail art or even automotive paint decors!

Make Awesome Pottery Masterpieces!

Decorate your handmade pottery with this CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush. Get yours NOW!


Material: PVC, Metal

Color: Black

Output: 7.4V or 3.7V

Input: 100-240V

Weight: 285g

Size: 4.5 x 11cm/1.77 x 4.33in

Nozzle Diameter: 0.3mm

Fluid Cup Capacity: 20cc+40cc

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 set CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush

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[PROMO 30%] CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush
CeramicPRO 360° Glaze Airbrush