LED Snowing Christmas Tree


LED Snowing Christmas Tree

LED Snowing Christmas Tree


This interior design combines the most popular ingredients of the holiday season, including trees, snow, and a gorgeous installation that can happily blow out artificial snow.

✨ Beautiful scene:

The special thing is that all products will produce artificial snowflakes, trickling in the bright winter scene. Whether it’s a whimsical Christmas tree or a cheering snowman family, the magic of the holiday comes to life in these self-contained snow blowing decorations.

✨ Function:

Piles of foam beads are blown out from the lamp post and collected at the bottom of the lamp holder

The self-contained snow function uses the dial on the base to adjust the speed.

Lighting features include two pre-lit trees and lighting on lamp posts.

✨ Reuse:

This kind of artificial snow can be used repeatedly for “endless” snowing in your comfortable living room.

This is achieved through a clever and simple mechanism that collects snow in its fabric base and circulates again to achieve the snowing effect.

✨ Music:

The built-in speaker is also hidden in each item and can play 25 popular holiday tunes, such as “Jingle Bells”, “On the Roof”, “We Wish You Merry Christmas” and so on.

✨ Specification:

Weight: about 7-10 kg
Material: MDF + plastic

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