LikeNew Action Figure Yellow Remover

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LikeNew Action Figure Yellow Remover

LikeNew Action Figure Yellow Remover

Turn your yellowish old Gundam and Star Wars action figures into like new condition.

Introducing this new advance formulation, LikeNew Action Figure YellowRemover to give back the gleaming new look of your precious action figures! All it takes is a spray and a wipe to clean away the yellow stain.

Fast-acting Decontamination Formula

  • Strong and Fast-acting decontamination formula easily wipes away stain build-up that causes discoloration and yellowing of action figures. None is as effective as this in de-yellowing action figures!

Easy To Use

  • Comes in a spray bottle that makes it easy for cleaning. Just spray once on a piece of cloth or tissue and wipe the desired spot to clean and remove stains!

Wide range of application

  • Effectively clean stains off gundam, star wars and and other discolored and yellowed plastic action figures. Worry no more about old and yellowed figures because you can clean them in one wipe!

Spray and wipe away those yellow stains and watch your figures turn to sparkling new!

Grab the LikeNew Action Figure YellowRemover TODAY!


Ingredients:  Deionized water, Surfactant

Content: 20ml per bottle

Package Inclusions: Choose Your Bundle

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  • Buy 2 – 2pcs. LikeNew Action Figure YellowRemover
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